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T.I. named himself with Jeezy, Future & Gucci Mane of Atlanta’s Mount Rushmore: ‘Trap Music’

T.I. shares his own Mount Rushmore for ‘trap music’ in Atlanta.

TIP harris reveals his Mount Rushmore of Trap music

T.I. adds Future to his Trap Music Mt. Rushmore with Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

During a recent conversation with AllHipHop, TIP named the four rappers he believes should make up the Mount Rushmore of Trap. As he explained in the below clip, the Atlanta native credited himself, Jeezy, and Gucci as the "three figure heads" who paved the way for Trap music.

“That was always like unanimous, and nobody could even question or you can’t add or remove anybody from that," T.I. shared. "Over time, there have been conversations about who else should be allotted.”

He continued, “Right now, we had the three. And us having the opportunity to also collect more data and conversation and input from the people who are the most passionate about the culture of trap music, it’s like, ‘Who should be the fourth figurehead?'”


T.I. recently shouted out a few of the rap artists he believes are pushing trap music forward today while reflecting on the 20th anniversary of his album, Trap Muzik.

During a brief chat with XXL about the state of trap music on Sunday (August 20), he said Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug, Lil Baby, 21 Savage and Future have now become the voice of the streets.

“A lot of people moving the genre,” the Grand Hustle leader said. “Not even just by embodying similar qualities that I did. I think it’s a lot more conversational now.”

T.I. shouted out Lil Baby as a figure who he appreciates due to their similarities in how they write songs. “Just a lot of key facts about details and authenticity,” he said of the 4PF rapper. “Where you’re speaking about things that you know that only a person who knows could articulate it.”

As for 21 Savage, T.I. commended his ability to give financial advice, saying: “His thoughts speak about things like financial literacy and thinking out the box. About how to expand just upon what you know by doing something different.”

He then turned his attention to Moneybagg Yo, who he said “has a way of being melodic and finding the pocket on the subject matter that can relate to people that come from the life.”


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