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T.I. on not wanting his children listening to Lil Nas X's music: “That Sh*t Ain't For Me”

King of the South, Atlanta born rapper, said DaBaby was "speaking his truth" with the controversial comments.

TIP: “If homosexuals have more rights than heterosexual people just say that.”

T.I. inserted himself into the conversation and stepped in to defend the Charlotte rapper and even used Lil Nas X — who is openly gay — as justification for Baby’s incendiary statements.

TIP hopped on Instagram on Monday (July 26) to attempt to clarify his comment with more context but his explanation may have done more damage in the eyes of fans.

He went on to say he has “a lot of respect” for “people like Lil Nas X, and Frank Ocean,” before suggesting that he was painted as homophobic because he’s “proud to be a heterosexual.” “Just because I am proud of what I am, don’t mean I hate what you are,” he said. “Ain’t no hate in that, bruh. If I’m proud to be Black that don’t make me hate you ‘cause you’re white.”

T.I. then, compared Lil Nas X's prior videos and award show performances to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's headline-making video for their joint track "WAP." “For instance, the Lil Nas X shit. The performances and video, man I got a lot of respect for bruh because he had the courage to live his truth, but that shit ain’t for me. … Just can’t look at it. But I feel the same way, and I don’t want my children seeing it, either. … But I still feel the same way about the ‘WAP’ video, I actually enjoyed the ‘WAP’ video a little bit better, but I still feel the same way.”

The North Carolina native made headlines for what he said during his performance which eventually led to T.I. catching heat as well.


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