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T.I. Recruited Jay-Z, Diddy, Robert F. Smith, & more to join his Lloyd's of London Reparations Camp

TIP's latest comments may see him getting widespread approval after he decided to remind everyone on Instagram that Black people still deserve reparations for the unsavory era of slavery in America.

T.I. Harris puts 53 Billion Dollar Company “Lloyd's Of London” on blast for getting rich off “Black Slaves” in Africa demands money for Ancestors.

T.I. gets back up to join his Lloyd's of London reparations campaign: (Diddy, Jay-Z, Killer Mike, Robert F. Smith, Wallo, Tee Grizzley)

As Jermaine Cole once put it, the idea of African-American slaves or their descendants receiving reparations has been just that, a dream, ever since slavery was abolished in 1865. In reality, the figurative 40 acres and a mule seems more like wishful thinking than something that will actually happen.

The topic of reparations for Black Americans is a subject that has come up often throughout political discourse, even more in the leadup to the 2020 election. 

The sentiment that Black Americans are owed reparations as recompense for their past state-ordained bondage that built the U.S. into what it is today has been endorsed or addressed in varying degrees by Atlanta rapper Clifford "Tip" Harris Recently, the topic has been pushed to the forefront once again, he gave his thoughts and demanded what African Americans should receive as reparations for slavery. He also asked anyone who is black to get behind him, stick together and get some money”.

On Friday (July 10), "T.I."Harris revealed recruiters update. — Just got off the phone with Jay with Hov [he in], I spoke to Tee Grizzley [he in], spoke to Wallo from Philly [he in], So far you got Tip, Jay, Puff, Wallo, Robert Smith. We all in.

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