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T-Pain Seems to Have No Clue Why Jay-Z Attacked Him For Auto-Tune

T-Pain joined the Fat Joe's platform on IG live on Wednesday night for a social distancing-friendly hour-long discussion, many topics throughout his successful career.

Fat Joe asked Pain about Jay-Z's Auto Tune Jab, and How T-Pain reacted. | Fat Joe TFJS

T-Pain: The F—k Did I Do?!

One artist who was known for using heavy auto-tune at the time was Nappy Boy's T-Pain.

The short-lived beef started when Jay dropped his Auto-Tune diss, 2009: 'D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).' Though he claimed the single wasn't an attack against T-Pain for utilizing the vocal effect, Pain took offense to the record.

In 2009, Hov was declaring the "Death of Auto-Tune" on his brand-new single. But when he took the stage to perform it, Mr. Auto-Tune himself, T-Pain, came out of nowhere and stood right at Jay's side. It was a move that confused the hell out of everybody, but made for a memorable performance. You can see it below.


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