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T-Pain shares a snippet of an unreleased song he did with Michael Jackson & Usher

T-Pain shares an unreleased track he was supposed to do with Usher and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

T-Pain previewed a song he once wrote for Michael Jackson and Usher that never got released.

T-Pain, Michael Jackson and Usher that will never see the light of day. “That would’ve been the biggest record of my f*****g life and it never came out because the dude I had doing the reference, he leaked the record and Michael Jackson didn’t want to do it anymore,” T-Pain said during his Genius Level and 85 South interview.

In a clip he shared to his official Instagram account on Tuesday (January 23), The music legend and Grammy-award winning, recalled never-completed song from the mid-aughts and even played a brief sample for his fans while explaining what messed up its release.

“We are about to listen to a song that I wrote and produced that was meant for me, Usher, and Michael Jackson,” he began. “And then the person that was in charge of doing the references and the person that sang it got too excited and was like, ‘N-gga, I’m on a song with Michael Jackson and Usher and T-Pain!’ And then he released it and then Michael Jackson was like, ‘Nah, never mind. I don’t wanna do it anymore.’ Yeah, that pissed me off. Not gonna lie to ya.”

A reference vocal is a vocal performance recorded by someone other than the intended singer (in this case, MJ and/or Usher) so that the final performer can hear and learn his or her part.

The song was called “Stop Play” and can be heard below.

You can listen to T-Pain’s story below — and an excerpt of the track — above.


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