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Terrence J says Him and Marlon Wayans was Joking on IG live

Terrence J & Marlon Wayans were just playing around in their previous heated exchange.

Terrence J was dragged through the mud after his Live with Marlon Wayans went viral, And now two men revealed debate was "Scripted."

On Thursday (June 11), a portion of their Live made its rounds and without context it appeared Terrence was suffering from some extreme hate. In the clip, the former 106 & Park host shamed Wayans for what he implied was nepotism.

Terrence explained that Marlon is one of his best friends and they were just kidding, highlighting things that haters will say. He also noted, "for the record," that he has respect for all members of the Wayans family and would never seriously disrespect them. Check out a few post-skit clips of Terrence J and Marlon Wayans explaining their exchange below.


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