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The city of Yonkers, NY gives The LOX: Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch “Keys to the City”

The Lox unveiled a new workout station and a renovated park during the keys to the city presentation.

The Lox Receives Keys to the City From Yonkers, New York Mayor Mike Spano

Following the group’s victory performance at the recent Verzuz match-up against Dipset, Yonkers trio The LOX will be getting the keys to the city they call home.

Styles P revealed the news on Thursday, (August 5) in an Instagram post from Styles P, who shared a video of him with his bandmates sharing the announcement. “@cityofyonkers @mayormikespano we are honored, humbled and appreciative to have the keys to the city,” Styles wrote on Instagram. “@sheeklouch @jadakiss @juicesforlife @farmacyforlife and myself will keep in mind and always remember the people are the true keys to the city! We will do what’s necessary to make it a healthier, safer, vibrant city for those coming after us...and will push to make it happen in other cities as well.”

Check out the announcement video regarding the news below.

Styles P’ captioned video in which he further expressed his gratitude for the honor. “We just want to say thank you,” he said. “Love is love. To the people of Yonkers, the mayor of Yonkers, we will be receiving the key to the city. Super dope, love is love.”

The LOX is also renovating another park on Yonkers’ northside.

P’ also spoke about the group’s renovating another park on Yonkers’ northside.

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