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The Dream Says Beyoncé Has New Project On The Way

The-Dream On R. Kelly, Rihanna & Beyoncé Projects, Drake & Kanye Music + King Of R&B Talk

The-Dream sat down with Ebro for a candid conversation on his new music, as well as other subjects around music and r&b.

The singer spoke on his thoughts about R. Kelly, and the reaction following the airing of Lifetime's 'Surviving R. Kelly' series. He also gave his take on the King of R&B talk.

Before leaving he gave some input on where Rihanna's new album stands, Beyoncé seems to be working on a new project, and what kind of music Drake and Kanye West cooked up in Wyoming before their beef heated up! Oh he's also re-releasing his first two projects 'Love Hate' & 'Love vs. Money'

WATCH AT [25:10]

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