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The Game admits Eminem beef was because he was “salty” with Dr. Dre following Super Bowl snub

The former G-Unit rapper has admitted that his recent disses of Eminem had an ulterior motive.

The Game says he felt left out of SUPER BOWL LVI HALFTIME SHOW

The Game explains how he really felt about Super Bowl Halftime Show.

During a recent interview with VladTV, The Game spoke about not being invited to perform during Dr. Dre's Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show.

The Los Angeles rapper said he went at Eminem on the song “The Black Slim Shady” because he was mad at Dr. Dre. “Throwing shots at Eminem and beefing with Eminem, it was just me being upset with Dr. Dre,” The Game admitted. “Dr. Dre can’t out-rap me, so I just went at Em, just because that’s just how I get sometimes.

“But it’s always competitive. It ain’t like I’m gonna see Em and be like, ‘What’s up now?!’ It’s Em, you know what I’m saying? And Em took his shots on a record that dropped, and yo, Em is a funny guy.”

You can see the comments below, beginning at the 1:37 mark.


On (Feb 13, 2022) Super Bowl LVI’s Halftime Show was one for the books. The best ever or one of the best ever if you ask some people. The show essentially showcased Dr. Dre and the biggest acts he has worked with and developed over his career. Even 50 Cent stopped by to do the Dre produced track “In Da Club.”

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