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The Game randomly drops Rick Ross Diss Track "FREEWAY's REVENGE": “You 12 Lemon Pepper Wings From a Heart Attack”

The new diss follows Rick Ross involvement in Drake and Kendrick's historic back-and-forth.

The Game destroys Rick Ross on New Diss Song "Freeway's Revenge"

Freeway’s Revenge Rick Ross Diss Track: LISTEN!

On Friday (May 10), The compton native nearly rapped five minutes going at Rick Ross on his new track "Freeway's Revenge," the title of which, of course, is a nod to the real-life Freeway Ricky.

The Game unnecessarily inserted himself into the ongoing rap wars by taking aim at Rick Ross on his fiery new diss track “Freeway’s Revenge.”

“You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack/ Akademiks, give this n-gga an Ozempic starter pack,” he raps, before referencing the aforementioned Drizz-K. Dot beef: “This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac’ [Drake] sings songs/ Shots rings out, the neighbor better have his Ring on.”

The Game accuses Ross of enjoying golden showers and claims former MMG rapper Gunplay knows where the proverbial bodies are buried: “Your baby mama told me that you liked to get peed on/ You a C.O., that’s the last time you had keys on/ And we know you treat Gunplay like he a peon/ And he knows some shit that ain’t cool for him to speak on.”

It's that time of the month, get this pussy somethin' to bleed onYour baby mama told me that you liked to get peed onYou a C.O., that's the last time you had keys on And we know you treat Gunplay like he a peon

The end of the first verse sees Game circling back to Freeway Ricky, from whom Ross "stole" his name. On that front, Game also mentions the late Notorious B.I.G.


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