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The New Extended trailer for 'Fast & Furious 9' has dropped, arriving in theaters this summer:

F9 gets a fast and furious new trailer ahead of its June 25th debut.

‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Trailer: Director Justin Lin on Paul Walker, Wild Stunts and ‘the Final Chapter’ of the Franchise

Catch the latest Fast & Furious 9 trailer below, and look out for the film when it hits theaters on June 25, 2021.

The movie is finally coming out in US cinemas this summer, and it will see Dom and his family go head-to-head with his previously-unknown brother Jakob, played by John Cena.

But it seems that we'll also see the Fast & Furious series go where it's never been before: space.

F9 will see a whole roster of familiar faces from the Fast & Furious universe return, even Bow Wow from Tokyo Drift. Inluding Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), Tej Parker (Ludacris) and Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren).


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