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The Weeknd calls out Major Music Companies “profits off black music” who've never donated a penny

No one profits off of black music more than the labels

Singer donates $500,000 to organizations working for racial equality

The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, is urging “industry partners and execs” to support causes that address racial equality. On Monday, (June 1) Abel donated $500,000 to black-empowerment organizations, urged the three major labels, Sony, Universal and Warner, and top two streaming services, Spotify and Apple, to “go big and public” with donations this week.

“To my fellow respected industry partners and execs,” he wrote in a post on social media. “No one profits off of black music more than the labels and streaming services. I gave yesterday and I urge you to go big and public with yours this week. It would mean the world to me and the community if you can join us on this.”

Rapper Russ also spoke on the silence of Major Music Companies on his IG story.


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