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Tory Lanez celebrates after selling 1 Million copies in 57 seconds, plays Cassidy's “I'm a Hustla”

Tory Lanez is still winning in life, despite Megan Thee Stallion's claims and last month Rolling Loud appearance.

Tory Lanez Reveal He Actually Sold One Million Copies of His NFT Album in Under One Minute

The Canadian rapper taking Instagram, Tory Lanez shared video of himself receiving the exciting news as he popped champagne and ran around his backyard.

When Its Dark NFT project literally sold out in less than 57 seconds.

Only 1 million albums were available starting at 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday (Aug. 10). Fans were able to pre-order up to 100 albums (e-NFTS) for $1, which included 7 new songs and 7 art pieces streaming exclusively via the E-NFT platform and app. After the initial 1 million units, albums are only available if buyers resell their E-NFT rights.

“I’m not even excited for me. I’m excited for y’all ni**as, bro,” Tory told his fans before jumping in the pool. “Y’all bout to resell this shit and make so much fu**in’ bread.”

“A f**king million copies! I just went f**king platinum!” he screamed. “I just sold the equivalent units at $1. Sold a million copies flat and I made a million dollars in less than a f**king minute. Y’all try to hold me back. You can’t fu**ing stop me, my ni**a.”

Tory’s album features “When It’s Dark” freestyle on which he fires back at Cassidy after the “I’m a Hustla” Philly rapper accused him of stealing his flow.


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