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Tory Lanez donates water to Texas Storm Victims of his new company called “Umbrella Water”

Tory Lanez hands out cases of water to help the people of Texas. Over the past month, Texans have suffered from the aftermath of freezing temperatures due to a winter snowstorm. In addition to lives being lost, Texas found their homes to be damaged, many lost electricity, lack of access to clean drinking water, and more.

Tory Lanez announces Water brand, donates cases to Texas Storm Victims

The Canadian native recently announced in a tweet on Thursday (February 26), the Toronto native announced he’s launching his own line of alkaline water named Umbrella Water – and he’ll be delivering it by the caseload to people affected by the winter storm in Texas.

“Thankful to say I officially just CREATED MY OWN *ALKALINE WATER* BRAND,” Lanez wrote. “‘Umbrella Water’ .. THE FIRST THING IM DOING IS GOING TO TEXAS AND DELIVERING A WHOLE BUNCH OF CASES TO THE PEOPLE IN NEED … shit y’all ain’t got water … I’ll make it .. and bring it.”

According to ArkLaTexHomepage, Tory recently partnered up with Artesia Springs water company and has his own water line called Umbrella Water. Once Tory heard about the water disconnection in Shreveport he wanted to give back.

“One thing about me is I love helping people. My dad always told me one thing and I stick by this motto; it basically says ‘Success is not the goal. Success is the platform in which we use to help people in unfortunate situations’…I like to take advantage of that and do my best so when I do get to heaven gates I can be like ‘God I did all I did,'” Lanez said.

After leaving Shreveport he’s heading.

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1 Comment

Aug 05, 2022

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