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Tory Lanez “Faking His Disappearance” clowns the people who wanted him to go to Jail

Tory Lanez promotes new album [tricks social media] he's not in jail or on house.

Tory Lanez Promotes new 80s Album amid speculation he's in Jail

Tory Lanez left a message on Twitter that left "fans and haters" to speculate. “It’s been real,” the One Umbrella boss told his 2 million followers. He cleared out his entire Instagram account and changed his profile photo back to the default pic.

On Wednesday (Sept. 22), the Canadian rap-crooner was trending all day on Twitter after he deleted everything from his social media pages he tweeted, "It's been real." The cryptic post sparked a lot of speculation, joyful from Megan fans and among hip-hop fans. Some suggested that because of his alleged role in Megan Thee Stallion's shooting last year.

Tory broke his silence on Thursday (Sept. 23), to all of the speculation that he would imminently be sent to jail, the rapper posting a GIF of Wiz Khalifa dancing and eating take-out and saying, "Me at my house .... watching n***as on Twitter celebrating and thinking I’m going to jail with laughing emojis. [🤣😂]...."

Peep his tweets below.

Minutes later, Tory reveals artwork announced the name of his upcoming album. "ALONE AT PROM ....... (80s ALBUM) ...... LOADING," he wrote on the platform.

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