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Tory Lanez gives away $15,000-worth of Thanksgiving Turkeys to New York families in Need

On Monday (November 23), the Canadian artist passed out $15,000 worth of turkeys for thanksgiving.

Tory Lanez Handed Out Turkeys In New York for Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving is a fun time full of family and good vibes for some, for the less fortunate, the holiday can be the total opposite of lit.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While some of us prepare to buy decorations and slave away in the kitchen to cook pounds of excess food, there are millions of people in the country who lack that luxury. In order to spread his wealth and generosity, Fellow Canada native did his part to make sure people in their respective hometown of New York at least had a meal on Turkey Day.

Tory Lanez hosted a turkey giveaway in "New York neighborhoods". took to Instagram "So today I spent like 15K and Got turkeys and extra groceries For families in less fortunate places and situations"

"I used to be homeless and I hated thanksgiving cuz I wasn’t able to afford shit or cook shit.", Tory Lanez added.

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