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Tory Lanez Injustice Bails Out 100 Nonviolent Black Offenders on Father's Day

Tory Lanez mission to assist nonviolent offenders caught up in the system became a reality on Father's Day.

Tory Lanez Helped Bail Fathers Out Of Jail For Father's Day this past weekend

Tory Lanez made a huge difference on Father's Day, helping 100 black men this past weekend out of incarceration hundred were released in time to celebrate Father's Day.

The one hundred fathers were released from incarceration during the pandemic, so the food deliveries were of course "contactless." Their children got their hands on some Amazon gift cards codes, and gave them to their dads, no doubt leading to some hugs and huge smiles.

Tory Lanez wrote a letter and asked his team to join him. #100BlackFathers

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