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Tory Lanez says he's been sending Drake and The Weeknd Songs for years but they’ve been ignoring him

Tory Lanez claims that he's been sending music to Drake and The Weeknd for years, but he hasn't heard back from both of them.

Tory Lanez Says Drake and The Weeknd Have Ducking' His Collaboration Requests

The Canadian superstar has been trying to collaborate with Drizzy and The Weeknd for years, but he has yet to lock them down.

During a Twitter Q&A, On Tuesday (August 30), the singer/rapper was asked if his new album Sorry 4 What will feature a collaboration with either of his fellow Canadians, and he got very candid with his response. Tory revealed that he’s reached out to them numerous times with songs, but they’ve seemingly been ducking him.

“Been sending them songs for years … but nah not a single one,” Lanez tweeted when a fan asks if either Drake or The Weeknd will be featured on Sorry 4 What.

A Twitter user added: “They are intimidated by your talents.”

Tory Lanez revealed another artist who’s on his wish list of collaborators is Wizkid. “Been tryna work with cuz for years but the time will come when it’s warranted,” Tory said of the Nigerian superstar.

In addition to Tory's and Drake, back in 2018 Lanez addressed his squashed longstanding beef with beef with Drake, acknowledging the competition that can spring up with artists from the same city. "There's a lot of money to be made," he says of their decision last year to put an end to the issues between them that have been brewing since 2010.


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