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Trae tha Truth upgrades home of elderly woman arrested for $77 trash bill

Trae Tha Truth had blessed 82-year-old Martha Menefield with a house full of furniture and promised even more help to come.

Trae tha Truth helps elderly woman arrested for $77 trash bill

Houston’s rapper upgrades home of elderly woman arrested for unpaid bill.

An 82-year-old woman was arrested in late November for failing to pay a $77.80 trash bill, thankfully the Houston native Trae tha Truth has come to her aid.

On Monday (March 27), Trae told TMZ, he teamed up with BEL Furniture in Valley, Alabama for $15k worth of items … including a full couch with multiple recliners, a queen bed and new dressers.

The rapper refurnished her living room, dining room and bedroom, but still have to solve the problem of her lack of central heat and AC.

Trae is currently looking for a team to fix the foundation in Martha’s home to prevent flooding, and working to secure her a car, as she doesn’t have any transportation at the moment.

Last year, Trae Tha Truth shared a clip on Instagram of him visiting Martha Menefield, a woman who was arrested for not paying a trash bill worth $77. In November, she had authorities come to her Alabama home to take her into custody for not paying the bill, which she believed she paid.

The arrest caused outrage on social media, As Martha Menefield was being taken into custody, one of the officers was heard laughing on bodycam video obtained by TMZ. The chuckle appeared to be an authentic reaction to the nonsensical nature of the arrest that was required by law. Authorities claim multiple attempts were made to contact her to pay the bill. An arrest warrant was issued after she didn’t appear in court for a citation two months prior.

Menefield was charged with failure to pay solid waste fees.

Trae tha Truth told TMZ that witnessing what happened to Martha led to the two striking up a friendship, and after visiting her Alabama home, he knew she was in dire need of repairs. While she admittedly would have been content with a recliner that included a cup holder, the community activist wanted to go the extra mile for her.

Trae tha Truth partnered with BEL Furniture for $15,000 worth of furnishings, including a queen size bed, full couch with several recliners, and dressers. Renovations were made to practically every room in the house, with more to come. The 42-year-old MC is looking to work with a company that can help repair the foundation of her home, provide her residence with central heat and air conditioning, and eventually get her a car.


Menefield doesn’t know how Trae came into her life, but considers his presence to be a blessing.

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