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Tupac Shakur remembered with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame June 7ᵗʰ

The late rapper, poet, and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur, to be posthumously honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Long Overdue: Tupac Shakur Is Finally Getting His Own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

2pac to be posthumously honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame next week.

On Wednesday (May 31) it has been confirmed via on Hollywood Walk of Fame Instagram account that the late Icon Tupac Shakur to receive a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on June 7, ahead of what would’ve been his 52nd birthday. The late rapper’s star will be placed between Missy Elliott‘s and Salt ‘N Pepa‘s.

“Tupac Shakur was a rapper, actor, activist, poet, and revolutionary,” says Ana Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “This iconic artist has continued to be part of the zeitgeist for decades after his passing and will continue to be an important cultural figure for many years to come. Surely, as one of L.A.’s own, Tupac’s star will be added to the list of most visited stars.”

Tupac Amaru Shakur, perhaps the most enduring hip-hop icon of all time. Born in New York City but spending his formative years in California — Shakur, who will receive the Walk of Fame’s 2,758th star.

Also L.A. radio legend Big Boy will emcee the ceremony, and director Allen Hughes and writer Jamal Joseph will be the guest speakers, the release said. Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, Tupac’s sister, will accept the honor on his behalf.

The ceremony will take place at 10:30 a.m. PT and will stream live here.


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