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Tyler Perry Is 'Coming Out of Retirement' Bringing Back Madea

Tyler Perry appears to be coming out of Madea Retirement as he reveals on Jimmy Kimmel Live, exclusive.

Tyler Perry says he's putting up a Madea billboard.

Good news, Madea fans:

The New Orleans Mogul appears to be returning from his short-lived Madea retirement. On (Oct 9, 2019)

WATCH FULL INTERVIEW: Tyler Perry on Celebrity Packed Studio Opening & Turning 50

Tyler talks about the huge party he just had for the opening of Tyler Perry Studios, the star-studded guest list that included Will Smith, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Denzel Washington and many more, the elaborate invitation that everyone received for it, Jimmy not being able to attend, Tyler turning 50 years old, going to Italy to celebrate, owning an island, and his new BET shows “Oval” & “Sistas.”


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