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King Von's Sister, 50 Cent, Waka Flocka Flame, Fires at T.I. Over his 'Bad Timing' Comments

T.I. facing criticism over post seemingly about King Von's death: King Von's sister Kaylab chimes in including Waka Flocka Flame, and 50 Cent.

T.I. Clarifies His 'Handle Your Beefs in Your City' Comment, Says It Wasn't Directed at King Von

T.I. Harris faced criticism Monday, (Nov. 9) for an Instagram post which some suspected was in reference to the recent death of King Von.

T.I.’s message has some people upset, especially since they think he’s talking about the recent killing of King Von. In T.I.’s message, he said,  “Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city filled with black excellence. We uplift each other & win together. Stop coming here to kill each other. That s*** is played out.”

In the caption, T.I wrote, “handle YOUR beefs in YOUR city. Thx in advance. – King.”

People online believe T.I. is talking about King Von, but T.I. never said his name specifically. T.I. responded to a fan who tried to check him about it. The online user said “Quando isn’t from Atlanta,” and T.I. said “U assuming I’m speaking on bruh. I aint named na’an name. That’s a reach.” 

People online chimed in including his hip-hop peers, take a look below:


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