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VIDEO: Man fights with woman over Chris Brown’s T-Shirt at the Under the Influence Tour

The circulating 34-second clip of man “fighting with a woman” over Chris Brown’s used t-shirt.

Watch Chris Brown “Male Fan” fight Breezy’s female fan over a T-Shirt

Male fan pulls the shirt away from woman at Chris Breezy’s concert:

The Virginia singer and actor throws his shirt into crowd at concert; Male fan pulls the shirt away from woman.

Chris Brown is currently on the last leg of his Under the Influence Tour's European run, where he has been captured on camera giving out nightly lap dances to lucky fans in attendance. Recently this month, the singer stopped in Paris, as he performed in front of another sold out crowd.

During Chris’ performance, he threw his shirt into the crowd. This is something that ’CB‘ commonly does, as many women in attendance love being able to receive this item from him. However, one man in Paris was very interested in taking this shirt, as well.

The footage is now going viral of Breezy throwing his shirt into the French crowd, as this man caught it. At the same time, a woman was also reaching for it. Despite that, this man insisted on not giving up the shirt, as he revealed that he intends to sell it, online.

See Chris Brown throwing his shirt during his concert in Paris, as well as a man in the audience trying his hardest to catch it, above.


During one of the “Freaky Friday” singer’s recent concerts, a woman received a lap dance onstage from Brown, which left her boyfriend, whom she attended the show with, infuriated.

The man, named Dash made the claims on TikTok, saying that he bought his girlfriend front-row tickets to one of Breezy’s concerts for the Under the Influence Tour. “How I watched my girlfriend up on stage with Chris Brown,” Dash wrote over footage of Brown giving the woman a lap dance while singing “Take You Down.”

He followed up with, “Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend. She doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”


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