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Video of DaBaby entering Cheesecake Factory, employee claims she rejected the rapper “free tickets”

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Charlotte rapper allegedly walked around “Cheesecake Factory” giving out free concert tickets and still being turned down.

VIDEO: DaBaby inside Nashville’s Cheesecake Factory

A Cheesecake Factory employee claims that DaBaby came to her job and gave out up to 30 tickets for his show in Nashville.

(Nashville, TN) — On Thursday (November 17), A Cheesecake Factory employee took to Twitter to share 4-Second clip of DaBaby entering the establishment.

In the viral clip below, DaBaby is seen walking out the cheesecake factory after his tickets allegedly got declined.

According to Skyler, Twitter user (@skyleridkbro) the employee who works at the cheesecake factory. It's been reported from several media publications “claims that DaBaby can't no longer sell out a venue” with 13k seaters due to fighting cancel culture.

In addition to Skyler viral clip: “he came to my job yesterday to give out free tickets,” She said DaBaby [left and came back] with a camera man... She continued. “why's he here again”🤣 with sideways laughing emoji.

Skyler then replied to Twitter user saying, “nah a couple my coworkers accepted them. She said. “his friend asked me and my friend if we wanted some and started to hand them to us,” Employee said “no thanks”

Despite her rejection she ended the tweet by saying, “i like his music just didn't feel like going.”


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