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Video of Jake Paul running away from Floyd Mayweather outside of Miami Heat game

Updated: Mar 9

YouTuber turned boxer claims Floyd “Money” Mayweather and his team almost attacked him: ’50 Dudes Literally Tried To Jump Me”

Jake Paul sprints away allegedly Floyd Mayweather and his team try to “jump” him

Jake Paul was confronted by Floyd Mayweather and his entourage outside of Miami-Dade Arena.

On Wednesday night (March 8), the two rivals came face to face for a second time when Mayweather confronted Paul after the Heat finished playing.

“So I’m leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 dudes pull up out of nowhere,” Paul said. “Out of some side alley waiting for me outside of the stadium. They’re like ‘what’s up, what’s all that talk now!’

“I’m like first of all, what did I say to you Floyd? I just took your hat and you’re still mad about it? Come on, bro. Then 50 dudes literally start surrounding me trying to jump me. I’m out that b****.”

“Floyd, you want to run it one-on-one, no problem but I’m not dumb,” Paul said. “I’m tough. I don’t need to prove my toughness but I’m not f!*k dumb. I’m not going to sit there and try to fight 50 dudes. Dipped out of that b!***”

“Floyd, you’re a h* bro. You’re mad cause I took your f!*k hat, are you serious? Get over it, bro. Move on.”

However, a report from TMZ, sources close to Mayweather claimed that he didn’t attempt to jump Paul but rather just happened to run into him after the basketball game was over. The confrontation allegedly stemmed from comments Paul made about Mayweather that apparently crossed the line from the usual trash talk between fighters.

The incident took place in Miami, Fla., during a press conference to promote Mayweather's exhibition fight with Paul's older brother Logan Paul.

Jake Paul later hopped on Twitter, to call out Mayweather by writing, “Floyd if you want to fight one-on-one we can do that but don’t try to hop out of three cars 25 dudes deep tryna to jump me while I’m tryna enjoy my Wednesday night.”

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