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Video surfaced Snoop Dogg gives advice to NBA YoungBoy “You just gotta take it in and roll with it”

NBA YoungBoy meets Snoop Dogg for the first time at recording studio.

Snoop Dogg, one of the OGs in the industry, to reach out to the Baton Rouge star and offer some words of advice.

Just days after the whole scenario with J Prince. The Houston OG took to IG to confirm that he retrieved stolen items from NBA Youngboy's home, though the Baton Rouge rapper didn't appreciate the sentiment being taken to the public.

Uncle Snoop Dogg giving Youngboy advice on an unidentified set. The West Coast legend can be heard saying to him, “you just gotta take it in and roll with it.” Snoop said that not everyone has “it,” but Youngboy NBA does.

In this video below, Uncle Snoop provides some words of encouragement for NBA Youngboy.

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