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Video surfaces of alleged altercation between Tory Lanez and R&B singer August Alsina

Video surfaces showing Tory Lanez trying to shake August Alsina's hand and August completely ignoring him before the alleged altercation.

Footage surfaces of August Alsina ignoring Tory Lanez and leaving him hanging

The New Orleans singer claims that Tory attacked him after he was leaving a show at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago on Saturday night. On Sunday, he shared a photo of himself with a bloodied mouth while detailing the incident.

The internet has been chatting over reports of a physical clash between the two musicians. On Sunday night (Sept. 18), August Alsina shared a series of pictures of the injuries he said he received after Tory Lanez allegedly sucker punched him on Sept. 17 in Chicago at comedian Rip Michaels' Fall Back in Love Comedy & Music Jam event.

Two clips below, Lanez and his entourage are walking through a back hallway when August walks by. Tory extends his hand, but August just looks at him and keeps walking without breaking his stride. Tory appears dumbfounded, leaving his arm outstretched for so long that an apparent spectator walks up to give him dap just to end the awkward moment. Tory then appears to talk over what transpired with his team.

“Don't do it. You already shot Megan,” the woman warns.

Lanez looking agitated and being ushered into a hallway with his team in tow.

“You knocked his ass out?” one onlooker questions as the rap-crooner shuffles by. “Tory said he just knocked August Alsina ass right out. One punch crushed him.”

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