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Video Surfaces of DaBaby Rejected by his Fan after he tried to Kiss her

DaBaby tried to kiss his fan and she curved him.

VIDEO: DaBaby Failed Attempt to Kiss His Fan

She pulled away with the awkward quickness.

The Charlotte, N.C. rapper recently had an awkward moment when he tried to kiss a fan and she refuses to kiss him─the rapper appears to have responded via on The Shade Room comments section. “I'm sorry bae,” He added. “Bae was upset that I blew a kiss at her lil buddy first”

On Thursday (April 7), a video surfaced of the DaBaby interacting with his fans outside of a venue. In the clip, the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment honcho spots a young woman and proceeds to grab her head so he can secure a kiss. When the DaBaby tries to plant one, the fan curves him, much to his surprise. He also looks like he stumbled afterward before the clip cuts off.

Fans weighed in with their reactions to the viral video. Some fans on social media found the embarrassing moment hilarious, while others questioned whether DaBaby was intoxicated.

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