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WATCH: Boosie BadAzz Sends a Message to IG headquarters “If the Pu**y pop out it ain't my fault”

Wildin'... Tory Lanez hopped on Boosie Badazz Quarantine IG LIVE.

Lol: Tory Lanez hopped on Boosie's Badazz Quarantine Instagram live for the First time.

On (Thursday, April 2), As the quarantine experience due to the coronavirus continues. Quarantine IG-Live-Chairman, Boosie Badazz accepted request Tory Lanez on his X-Rated quarantine live show.

Said the rapper while speaking to Tory Lanez "Instagram, been on my ass Tory!" They quarantine FREAKY Bruh: I'm trying to talk to instagram they said Boosie you out of control.

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