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WATCH: DaBaby Slips and Falls on Girl head while doing the choreography for “BOP”

DaBaby hurt himself and tries to play-it-off after accidentally falls on girls head.

“BOP” Choreography goes wrong.

DaBaby dropped “BOP” music video on (Nov.15) The “BOP” video opens up as DaBaby is running from the cops. He is quickly joined by a mob in the streets, where things turn into an all-out dance party. DaBaby proudly takes center stage to raise two fingers in the air while a message tells the audience that this arc will continue and to give them a few days. Fine, man, we’ll wait.

Take a look behind the scenes Choreography for “BOP” & official video below.

DaBaby "BOP on Broadway" (Hip Hop Musical)

Directed by Reel Goats, the video presents itself as a “Broadway hip-hop musical.”

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