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WATCH: Desean Jackson and Snoop Dogg Talks About Their Relationship w/ Nipsey Hussle

Snoop Dogg and DeSean Jackson Celebrate Nipsey Hussle in New Documentary

In a new feature produced by the NFL Network, Snoop Dogg and Philadelphia Eagles' reciever DeSean Jackson discuss the profound impact late rapper Nipsey Hussle had on his Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw.

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson pays tribute to the tragically short life and enduring legacy of Nipsey Hussle. Jackson returns home to L.A. to explore the impact of his friend Nipsey, the late rapper and activist who inspired a social and entrepreneurial awakening in some of the city’s most historically downtrodden communities.

Snoop said that Hussle lives on in the message he shared and the work he did.

"Sometimes when we're on this Earth, people don't understand our value," Snoop said. "One thing my grandmother told me, she said, 'When you're gone, your work is going to speak for you.' ... I believe that man's work is speaking for him."


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