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Watch Drake and His Son Adonis in Hilarious New Interview w/ Sundae Conversation

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Drake wasn't able to stop laughing on the latest Caleb Pressley’s Sundae Conversation “comedy series”

Drake Appears On Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley

Drake x Adonis — Sundae Conversation

Drizzy Drake and his 5-year-old son was a guest on the new episode of Barstool Sports' Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley on Sunday (Feb. 12), talked about Drake’s parenting skills, him having a lot of feelings, and the proper way to call women.

This week’s episode of Sundae Conversation is highlighted by several funny moments while Adonis sheds light on what Aubrey is like as a dad.

“Do you think if he did a better job with you at home that you’d be able to read?” Pressley jokingly asks Adonis at the start of the interview. “Yeah,” Adonis casually replies, before giving Drake props for his sense of humor. “[He’s] a funny dad,” Adonis reveals, adding that Drizzy “does a lot of funny jokes.”

Drake’s sit-down with Pressley begins at the 1:30 mark of the interview, kicking off with the latter asking Drizzy if Adonis has ever “cock-blocked” him to avoid having to split his future inheritance.

“No, no, not really,” Drake maintained, claiming that he his relationship with Adonis features positive vibes only.

Drizzy admitting that he says “bitches” too much in his raps (though he claims he steers clear of using the word in real life), as well as the rapper’s opinion on if he’s accomplished enough in life to be warranted a spot in the hypothetical Canadian Hall of Fame.

Watch Drake & Adonis Interview on Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley below.

Other guests interviewed on Sundae Conversation include comedic conversations with high-profile celebs like Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, Hasbullah, Floyd Mayweather and more. But this morning, we’re surprised with a Drake edition of the show.


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