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WATCH Juvenile on Lil Wayne Rapping Skills Says He Warned Everybody About Lil Wayne Is The Future

Lil Wayne's been somewhat of an "off-the-dome" brand of genius, as past reports on his craftsmanship indicate somewhat of a Jay-Z approach. Yet somewhere along the line, Tunechi went on to fill a notebook with hand-scrawled bars, which stems back to his Hot Boys run in 1999. At the time, Weezy was 17 years old, as an integral member of Baby's Cash Money Records. Alongside Juvenile, Turk, and BG, Weezy helped propel the Hot Boys to stardom through songs like "Bling Bling."

Ebro mentioned Lil Wayne's Old Rhyme Book Is Selling for $250K Juvenile says ''he had notebooks alot of them he started practicing not writing them.''

On Monday (Mar. 25), it was reported that one of Lil Wayne's old rhyme books was to be auctioned off for almost $250,000. The book features lyrics written by the rapper when he was just 17 and will be auctioned alongside a number of other notable Cash Money memorabilia items through Moments in Time. TMZ reports that Weezy never agreed to the auction of his materials, however, and now, his attorneys have filed a letter to the auction company stating that he's the rightful owner of the notebook.

JUVENILE warns everybody about Lil Wayne a long time ago

''Wayne gon' be one of the biggest artists in the industry''

In the letter Wayne's attorneys sent, they say that he "never abandoned his notebook" but simply lost it. He's happy that it's since been found, but he's not happy about the auction. He says the person responsible for finding it "absconded with the notebook" and kept it a secret from him, waiting for an opportunity to make money off of it.

The owner of Moments in Time, Gary Zimet, says that Lil Wayne will have to buy the notebook from them if he wants it back. Weezy is reportedly okay with this, but he's still threatening legal action if they don't stop the sale. The guy who discovered the notebook said he found it when he was tasked with cleaning a car that was purchased from Cash Money Records. Upon discovering it and some other items, he stored them in a box for years for safe keeping.


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