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WATCH: Kevin Gates Shows His Home Gym & Fridge Educates | Men's Health

Kevin Gates talks about his new single "Push It," yoga, and incarceration. Reason Why He Eats So Much Mango

Kevin Gates practices oral sex on mangos

Speaking with Men's Health Magazine, the Southern star explained why he goes through so much coconut water before touching the importance of mangos in your sex life.

“The beautiful thing about having body dysmorphia is that you can never see yourself as perfect. I don’t allow myself to get depressed about that. I just work hard.”

Gates was offering his expert tips and tricks to men and women who might be looking to try out some new things in the bedroom. If ever you're feeling drained because of your partner's high sex drive, the recording artist has just the trick for you. "If you dealing with somebody and your partner has a high, high sex drive, sex can feel draining at times," he said. "So if you feeling drained after having sex, always drink you some coconut water right after. Coconut water has a lot of electrolytes. Charge! Back in the building."

When he was asked about the number of mangos in his fridge, Gates brought things back to the bedroom, explaining that he often practices giving oral sex on the fruit so he can please his wife the way she likes.

Now that Gates has come through with this valuable information, you can go off and enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks, Kevin!

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