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WATCH: Nle Choppa shoots his shot while nervous at actress Meagan Good “on the phone”

Nle Choppa was actually very excited when, after crushing about the Harlem actress, Jason Lee pulled her up on a phone call.

Rapper NLE Choppa Tells Meagan Good: ‘I Actually Been Praying to Meet You’

NLE Choppa recently stopped by as a guest on Revolts’s the Jason Lee Show and held nothing back when Lee asked him to partake in a game.

The Memphis rapper was a guest on REVOLT’s The Jason Lee Show, which aired on Wednesday (March 22). When the award-winning actress, bestselling author, and producer came up amid a game of Smash or Pash, a grinning Choppa couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the “smash” option.

“I been waiting on her! Yes!” Choppa enthusiastically stated when Good’s name was mentioned. Lee, in an effort to play matchmaker, wasting no time he took out his phone and gave the 41-year-old actress a call. “You got Meagan number?!”

Meagan picked up, Jason explained the situation and passed the call along to his guest.

The 20-year-old asked. “Aye on me, I been wanting to take her on a dinner. I wanna get some roses planned. I wanted to do like some real – some sh*t I never did before for Meagan Good. You know, I could be a preacher, all that. Whatever she want me to be.” He said as the phone rang.

“I’m extremely blessed,” Choppa began. “Um, I was just telling—” he said before Meagan Good tried to put the rapper “on hold” to talk to her mother.

You can check out Nle Choppa’s full interview below.


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