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Watch Snoop Dogg Reveals New Collaboration With Eminem Is Dropping Soon

Snoop Dogg confirms he has a track with Eminem on his upcoming album “Algorithm”

Snoop Dogg teases new album “ALGORITHM” and Eminem collaboration

DJ Whoo Kid shared a 1-Minute clip on Saturday (Oct. 9), to confirm that the collaboration is imminent, and claims that the fans will be hearing the full track very soon. “that new @snoopdogg and @eminem 🤯 is coming soon. tune into him and @djwhookid all day until 6pm 🔊🔊 #whoolywoodshuffle @tooshort #Algorithm @defjam,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday (October 9).

Snoop says, “Everybody’s solo song was the last verse of the song before that, except the one with me and Eminem. Because I felt like that was like a big reveal.

“When n****s hear that Eminem on that motherfucker, that’s just a whole other level”, Snoop added.

Check out the snippet below and the full BTS in the studio [chat up] DJ Whoo Kid with Snoop Dogg.

Check out the snippet above and the full BTS below, DJ Whoo Kid with Snoop Dogg in the studio.


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