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Watch: Travis Barker, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross music video For “Gimme Brain”

Lil Wayne and Rick Ross join forces with Travis Barker on “Gimme Brain”

The Blink-182 drummer made his return Thursday (Jan. 30) with an Andrew Sandler-directed visual for the fiery single from the renowned trio. Travis Barker has gone ahead and shot a high budget music video for the energetic track that sees Barker, Wayne and Ross going crazy in an electric setting.

“Gimme Brain” also marks Travis’ increased collaboration with off-the-wall rappers, which continued with his collaborative EP with 03 Greedo, Meet The Drummers.

Watch Travis Barker’s ‘Gimme Brain’ video with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross below.

This is only the start of what's slated to be a major week for Weezy, who will release his heavily anticipated Funeral album at midnight.


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