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WATCH: Trina Responds after Walmart Customer called her a N***ger for Trying to help Her

Trina was trying to help walmart customer who Hurled N Word at her.

Trina Speaks on Altercation With Walmart Shopper Who Allegedly Called Her the N-Word.

Trina was shopping at a local Walmart in Flordia recently when a woman went off and called her a n***er bitch. At the time, it was reported that the unidentified woman used such disgusting language after Trina accidentally bumped into her but the "Here We Go" rapper has now explained the story in full to TMZ watch below. 

"I didn't bump into her in the store ... this lady was way across in the kids section, just shopping with clothes, and she was just crying," Trina recalled during an interview with TMZ. "... And I just looked over and was like, 'Oh, hi. Are you OK?'And she looked up like a demon—demonic, very evil, satanic witch. And she was like, 'Get away from me, you n***er bitch.'"

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