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Wesley Snipes and Ice-T celebrates 'New Jack City' 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago on this day, (March 8). New Jack City opened to the public. The film, starring Wesley Snipes, Allen Payne, Ice-T, and Chris Rock, was Hollywood’s first and arguably its most enduring cinematic glimpse at the crack cocaine epidemic. At a time when Operation Desert Storm dominated the news cycle, mainstream America was blindly stepping over the junkies, and reading past the inner-city murders in the obituaries.

Wesley Snipes Remembers ‘New Jack City’ On The Film’s 30th Anniversary

The classic film of 1991 chronicled the drug and violence epidemic in America through the perspectives of Ice T and the police department trying to catch those criminals and Snipes, the kingpin who terrorized the streets. Their rivalry also featured memorable performances from Chris Rock (who played Pookie) and Allen Payne (who played G-Money). In addition to coining memorable lines, the film was also recognized for its iconic fashion trends.

And to celebrate Nino Brown Day and the New Jack legacy, Wesley Snipes took to his twitter account. “30 years ago today,” New Jack City”rocked the world!", the actor wrote.

Ice-T replied to Wesley's tweet. “Yes we did that Nino!”


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