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Will Smith-Chris Rock slap incident, overshadows Samuel L. Jackson first Oscar win

Film icon Samuel L. Jackson has received his first Oscar. The 73-year-old star was awarded an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievement. The award was given to him by his friend Denzel Washington at the Governor’s Award.

Samuel L. Jackson Receives First-Ever Oscar from Denzel Washington in Non-Televised Event

Jackson was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science's annual Governors Awards on Friday night.

The unscripted incident and its fallout completely overshadowed the rest of the Academy Awards ceremony. With all the controversy about which awards are being presented during Sunday night's Oscars broadcast and which ones are being relegated to a non-televised ceremony before the show begins -- with a montage during -- one of the biggest fan-favorite moments was skipped entirely.

Somehow, despite appearing in almost every movie that's been released since his birth, Samuel L. Jackson had never won an Oscar. At least, that was the case before his dear friend and colleague Denzel Washington rectified this gross oversight on Friday night.

One of the biggest and most-beloved stars of all time receiving a long overdue statuette by another of the biggest and most-beloved stars of all time.

“Sam and I go back in the theater, the Goodman Theatre,” Washington said, according to PEOPLE. “We worked together even before that, at the Negro Ensemble Company. We did a pretty good play called The Soldier’s Play that became great movie, A Soldier’s Story. Wasn’t as good as it would’ve been had Sam been in it, but that’s for another day.”

“Who knows, that little kid from Chattanooga, Tennessee, watching movies, wishing he could be here to get the votes of people who run an organization like this that says, ‘Hey, I deserve something like this,’ thank you, so much,” Jackson said.

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