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Will Smith talks making ‘I Am Legend 2’ with Michael B. Jordan

The actor said the script for 'I Am Legend 2' has already been sent in.

Will Smith gives update on ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel with Michael B. Jordan

Will Smith has revealed that the development of I Am Legend 2 is moving at pace, with both him and Michael B. Jordan on board and a first script delivered.

During a trip to Saudi Arabia at the third Red Sea International Film Festival on Saturday (December 2), Will Smith have shared new details about I Am Legend 2.

“I have a call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow. We’re really close. I am probably giving up too much information…the script just came in,” he said.

The actor revealed the script has been sent in and he has a call with Jordan this weekend to discuss the film. Smith’s character died in the first film.

However, in the alternate ending that’s found on the film DVD, he survives. The new film will be a continuation of that story line.

“So, we are going with the mythology of the DVD version where my character lived,” Smith said. “I can’t tell you anymore.”


Directed by Francis Lawrence and released by Warner Bros in late 2007, ‘I Am Legend 2’ grossed more $585 million.


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