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Young Buck is sick and tired drops 50 Cent diss track "Foofy"

Young Buck takes aim at 50 Cent.

@buckshotz "I Hear This Nigga Saying That U Owe Me Doooooog🤔.....Go Get The Receipt U Gotta Show Me."

On Friday (June 21), the former G-Unit rapper unleashed "Foofy," a vicious 50 diss that should only add more fuel to their beef. On the song, Buck holds nothing back.

"This not our first falling out, know how to handle it now/Banks gone, ain't nobody there to settle it now/Them other niggas need verses from whoever around," Buck raps on "Foofy," which features the instrumental for Drake's Pusha-T diss, "Duppy Freestyle." "Come on, Foofy—this Instagram shit done got goofy/Let's focus on them $2 million that nigga robbed me/Let's talk about them bitches you burnt, them hoes chargin'/You know what I learned? How not to be a father!"

Listen to Young Buck's 50 Cent diss for yourself below.


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