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Young MA confronted Police Officer & Helps a Fan out that was pulled over without reason in Atlanta

Young M.A. helped de-escalate a situation between one of her fans and Atlanta police after she was pulled over for "blocking traffic."

Young M.A. Helps Atlanta Fan Who Got Stopped By Police

When two police officers pulled her over for "stopping traffic" even though she had pulled to the side, Young M.A. got involved and shouted at the cops, getting a crowd to gather for fifteen minutes until the woman was let off with a warning. 

[Young MA]: —"She came up to me showing love as a fan, bro," yelled the rapper as she cruised in her car following the altercation. "And them n***as pulled her over 'cause she was in the middle of traffic. And we all pulled up, five cars deep, all police. We don't want no smoke, we don't want no problems. But you not gon' do that to my fans, though."

Watch the video below.

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