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50 Cent Co-Signs new slang “No Diddy” goes viral and replaces “No Homo”

It appears the term “No Diddy” in reference to Diddy’s multiple lawsuits related to sexual misconduct.

New Slang: ‘No Diddy’ goes viral as replacement for ‘No Homo’ after DJ Akademiks and Quilly Interview

New slang terminology ‘No Diddy’ started going viral on Twitter X.

During a sit-down with DJ Akademiks 'Off the Record podcast' on Friday (March 22), A Philadelphia rapper Quilly, in which the latter says: “I put him in position, no Diddy.” Moreover, if you didn't catch the message, he's using that last phrase as a replacement for “no homo,” and “No Diddy” is actually trending on social media at press time.

The rapper repeatedly No Diddy several times throughout the interview.


50 Cent is actually promoting the Use of the Term ‘No Diddy’

The outspoken rapper and King of Petty who seems to always troll Sean “Diddy” Combs whenever he can, hopped on his 31.3 million Instagram page on Saturday (March 23) and co-signed the term "No Diddy." Fif's post can be viewed below.

Sharing an image of a blog post about “No Diddy” now replacing “No Homo,” Fif wrote in the caption, “Oh, I f—k wit son that's my man No Diddy. I'll Boom you right Now! F—k outta here! LOL.”

50 has steadily taunted Diddy, including by way of teasing a forthcoming documentary focused on the allegations. Per 50, proceeds from the doc, produced under his G-Unit Film & Television banner, will go toward assault victims.


Internet React to new slang No Diddy on Twitter X


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