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50 Cent invites Floyd Mayweather to Tycoon Houston Weekend & Squashes Longtime Beef

50 Cent and famed boxer Floyd Mayweather appeared to have squashed their longtime beef.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Squash Long-Running Beef: ‘Big Bags Coming Out’

It appears 50 Cent and former boxer champion Floyd Mayweather have deaded their longstanding beef. The rapper-turned-television mogul is currently prepping for his upcoming Tycoon Houston weekend event, which takes place later this month. The rap-mogul has been announcing the stars who will be present. On Sunday (August 14), Fif revealed that Floyd Mayweather will be showing up, appearing to announce the end of their issues.

On Instagram, Fif shared a photo of the undefeated boxer with the words "Tycoon Confirmed" stamped on the picture.

He wrote in the caption, “Yeah Champ said he gonna pull up on me for Tycoon so you know we gonna go crazy. Big bags coming out TMT floydmayweather 💣BOOM💨.” Positive comments peppered the post, including “I love this for y’all” and “Good to see the band back together!!! The Original Money Team.”

Tycoon Weekend kicks off in Houston on August 25 at the Toyota Center and boasts a lineup of comedians B-Simone, Karlous Miller, Michael Blackson, Bill Bellamy, DC Young Fly, Gary Owen, Lil Duval and D’Lai, among others.

In 2014, 50 Cent went viral after saying he would bet $750,000 that Floyd couldn't read a Harry Potter book. This led to jabs being thrown right and left between the two.

During a recent appearance on the Breakfast Club, 50 Cent said he had an opportunity to meet with Floyd Mayweather so they could sort out their issues.

Fif explain how he was able to finally settle his feud with the former champ. The two were friends for years and even worked together as part of their TMT boxing promotions firm, the two had a public falling out at each other for a full decade.

50 Cent said he saw Mo’Nique perform a comedy set in Las Vegas during the 2021 Super Bowl weekend, and she had an extended portion that joked about Fif and Floyd’s falling out.

“He don’t need me, I don’t need him,” 50 said, noting the two never had an incentive to clear up their feud with neither side having something to gain, both being extraordinarily wealthy. “Me and him get into an argument and it can go on for a lot longer because we don’t really need each other.”

Fif stated that he still refers to Mayweather as “champ” despite their issues, and they both came to the realization that there was no value in leaving things unresolved. “Yo, why it take so long for you to pull up on me fam?” 50 recalled Floyd saying when they met to resolve the beef. “‘Crazy…why you say all that stuff about me? What been you doing?’” They’ve since apologized to each other, and a post on the rapper’s Instagram implies they’re even thinking about working together again.


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