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Aaliyah’s ‘96 “One in a Million” album will be hitting streaming platforms tonight at midnight

Blackground Records co-founder Barry Hankerson—uncle of the late Aaliyah—confirmed a deal that will bring her discography to streaming services.

Aaliyah’s Discography to Be Released on Streaming, Late Artist’s Estate Criticizes Move

Aaliyah's catalog is hitting Spotify in 4 parts and Page 1 starts this Friday! All 4 Pages will be available by October 8.

In an interview with Billboard, Hankerson revealed a new partnership with independent distributor EMPIRE that will make the entire Blackground catalog, including Aaliyah’s discography, available to stream for the first time ever.

A total of 17 albums by Blackground artists including Timbaland & Magoo, Tank, Toni Braxton, and JoJo will arrive over the next two months.

On Aug. 20, EMPIRE will release Aaliyah’s One in a Million, followed each week in the original chronology of Blackground releases. Timbaland & Magoo’s Welcome to Our World, Indecent Proposal, and Under Construction Pt. II, as well as Timbaland’s solo album, Tim’s Bio, will drop Aug. 27. On Sept. 3, the Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds soundtracks will arrive.

August 25 marks 20 years since Aaliyah, 22, was killed in a plane crash. This month also marks the 25th anniversary of One in a Million, the singer’s double-platinum sophomore album.


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