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According to Trainer Deontay Wilder suffers busted lip, burst eardrum, broken knuckles, broken hand

Deontay Wilder's coach Malik Scott detailing a long list of injuries he sustained during the epic clash.

Trainer Malik Scott reveals Deontay Wilder broke his hand & more during Tyson Fury trilogy fight

While the final result of this latest trilogy between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury didn’t go Wilder’s way, you absolutely have to give the “Bronze Bomber” a lot of credit for turning around after a blowout of a second fight and making the third fight as tough as it was.

According to Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott, Wilder’s ability to use his main weapon was compromised in the fight. In a hotel room interview with ESNews following the fight, Scott discussed the fight and what was next for Wilder. “We saw the doctor afterward, everything was cool,” Scott said (via Boxing Scene).

“He’s got a busted lip, he broke his hand, broke his finger or knuckle. But life goes on.”

“I’ve always said [Fury’s] not good ... he’s very good and damn-near great,” Scott continued. “After tonight I’m gonna consider him a great fighter. Much respect … [Wilder] was great, Fury was greater. The best man won. We almost beat him. This was a hell of an experience.

As far as what’s next for Wilder? Nothing, if Scott has anything to say about it.

“Deontay is talking about doing nothing with boxing for quite some time,” Scott said. “I want to get him some good rest, especially after this fight because even after the last fight, he was so worked up over time, he really never got to rest. He deserved a good rest. I’m going to make sure he gets it now.

Former heavyweight boxing champion, (Shannon Briggs) reposted the news on his Instagram account.


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