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Atlanta Man released from jail on a $5,000 bond for threatening to blow up Tyler Perry Studios

Coles Arrasheed threatened to blow the studio "to high heaven" after the receptionist wouldn't allow him to speak to Tyler Perry.

Man Arrested after Issuing Bomb Threat at Tyler Perry Studios

Atlanta man was arrested for threatening to blow up Tyler Perry Studios last Friday.

TMZ reports on Tuesday (May 24), Arrasheed called the studio’s main number on May 13 and demanded to speak to Perry. After the receptionist told him that it was impossible, he became so angry that he began to speak gibberish which scared the receptionist and prompted her to hang up and block the number.

After being released on a $5,000 bond, Coles took to Instagram with allegations that the studio stole his idea for a Black Wall Street television series. Captioned under a photo of the police report, he wrote, “I was arrested by TYLER PERRY STUDIOS FOR TERRORISTIC THREATENING. The question is IF I threatened them then WHY? THEY TRYING TO STEAL MY TV SERIES ?BLACK WALL STREET.”

He has since declared, “WAIT TILL I TELL MY SIDE MR. THIEF PERRY. They will pay.”


Tyler Perry Studios, the over 330-acre compound, opened its doors in 2019 and is the home of productions like Black Panther and The Walking Dead. Perry intends for his studio to be one of the biggest production facilities in the country. It will not only serve as an entertainment space, but will also provide affordable housing and job opportunities once open to the public with a forthcoming theater district, retail stores, and restaurants.


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