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Beyoncé drops “America Has a Problem” Remix with Kendrick Lamar

A new version of the Renaissance track arrives amid the massive world tour on Friday night.

Beyoncé has reunited with Kendrick Lamar for remix of “America Has a Problem”

Kendrick Lamar joins Beyoncé on “America Has a Problem” Remix

The Compton native has joined Beyoncé on a new remix of her Renaissance track “America Has a Problem.” He’s appeared alongside Beyoncé on Lemonade’s “Freedom,” in addition to “Nile” from The Lion King: The Gift.

The new remix arrives early in Beyoncé’s extensive world tour, nearly 10 months after the original version appeared on her Grammy-winning album, 'Renaissance. She began the run in Sweden, picking up in the United States at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field in July. In addition to props like a flying disco horse and a metallic tank, the tour has a sprawling crew to match its staggering scale, including dancers, audio technicians, and automation specialists.

Kendrick Lamar comes in blazing with a powerful, minute-long opening verse. He flows at his characteristic lightning speed, proudly proclaiming himself “honorary Beyhive” as he raps, “My momma told me that the money outgrew you / My horoscope said I’m really out my noodle / I’m troublin’, I’m puzzlin’, it’s sudoku / Say B, yes, America got a problem / Kicked up, choosing love, well, they chose violence.”

Check out the new version of “America Has a Problem” below

You can stream the track via Spotify here.


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