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Plies really jumped on the “Hawk Tuah” viral sensation with a song named after Hailey Welch, aka “Hawk Tuah” girl

Updated: Jul 5

Plies shares “Hawk Tuah” track named after the “Hawk Tuah” girl.

The NSFW meme sensation gets her own ‘Hawk Tuah’ song by rapper Plies

The South Florida rapper wasted no time by releasing the “Hawk Tuah” anthem.

On Thursday (July 4), Plies randomly released “Hawk Tuah,” named after the latest viral saying, originated by 21-year-old Nashville influencer, Hailey Welch.

In the viral video from “Tim & Dee TV” YouTube channel, Welch was interviewed with a friend, and both were asked to name "one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time." "Oh, you gotta give hm that hawk tuah and spit on that thang," 21-year-old Welch responded. "You get me?"

The “Hawk Tuah” girl even linked up with Shaq posted photos of himself with the 21-year-old on his DJ Diesel account on X while the two were in Nashville, Tennessee. The photos took the internet by storm, but apparently the former Los Angeles Lakers superstar had some good advice for the young woman new to viral fame.

In addition to Plies new song “Hawk Tuah,” the track begins. “She just hit my line and said she wanna come through / I just hit her back and told her, ‘Pull up on me, boo’ / I been on that drank, it got me feeling rock, too / Told her when she come, make sure she bring the ‘hawk tuah.'” The two-minute track it's actually catchy.


Listen to the full track “Hawk Tuah” by Plies below.


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